Wetlands Habitat

The wetlands habitat is full of all kinds of animals and plants that have adapted to thrive in watery places. It’s unique design also helps clean our water.

This educational sculpture fits in an 18 gallon plastic storage bin for traveling and sits on top for display. Designed to integrate art, science, wildlife and the importance of conserving aquatic habitats. Available to travel to schools and libraries thru the Johnson County Storm-water Management Program.

Discussion guidelines are attached to each of the images below.
First look at the whole piece and talk about what you see. Notice what it is made of and discuss which items need special disposal.
Materials to find: things from nature, man made items, recyclable materials, special disposal items including: batteries, electronics, fertilizer packaging, pharmaceuticals.

Beaver Habitat


Water Flow

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Mussel Cycle

Butterfly Cycle

Frog Lifecycle

Water Pollution

Water Usage

Water Usage Crops


Cattail Decomposition

Habitat Adaptation

Wetlands Adaptations


Animal Prints