Art as Community

Holly Hughes Artist Statement

Creativity is my gift to the world. Finding new ways to nurture and share it is my passion. If looking at a picture ‘is worth a thousand words’, then creating it is worth many thousands. Creating art with and for a community’s worth is limitless.

Opening oneself to the collaborative creative process is both thrilling and challenging. It is letting go of not knowing exactly how, yet trusting something wonderful and magical will happen. It is learning to flow, and accept, and let go of preconceptions. It is time to open ones senses to wonder; ones eyes to listen, ones ears to imagine, and ones heart to radiate truth and joy with every breath.  When we do this for ourselves,  we do it for others, and for the entire living earth.  As an artist, and as a human, I do not like to waste time, energy, or resources. Mentoring our individual creative processes is a tool to help each of us live more fully and efficiently. It is the reminder to pause, to enjoy the beauty and wonder around us.