Art as Community

Air Exhibit

AIR EXHIBIT. 2010, Mid America Regional Counsel Kansas City (MARCKC).  Unique, air-themed art exhibition that breathes life into the intangible concept of "air." The exhibition raises awareness about the importance of healthy air and individual behaviors that can impact air quality — while challenging artists to incorporate air into their artwork. Participation by invitation.

Exhibit components:


EINSTEIN. 1995, (18ft. x 10ft. x 10ft.) New Mexico Tech Library, Socorro, NM.Community collaboration with Senior Citizens and Home Schoolers to celebrate State Science Fair. Student made interactive web presentation which allows viewer to identify each material used and learn about its history and recyclability.


GLOBE OF FOUND OBJECTS. 1996, (16' diameter rotating sculpture of the earth) EARTHWORKS - Teach & Learn Experientially (TLEKC), Kansas City, MO. This community collaboration was built with the help of 2000 volunteers, including artists from 17 countries. It is made entirely of recycled items. EarthWorks-TLEKC is an educational facility offering over 10,000 students / year experiential learning related to local habitats.  Funded by a grant from Missouri Department of Conservation.


WETLAND HABITAT: A MINI ENVIROSCAPE. 2011. Traveling Educational Display, available for Central Missouri and Kansas Educators. Collaboration with Cities of Overland Park, Lenexa and Johnson County Storm-water Management to develop traveling sculpture and interactive curriculum. Project integrates art, science, wildlife and the importance of conserving aquatic habitats. It targets 6th-8th grades and is designed to travel to schools and libraries. This project fits in an 18 gallon plastic storage bin for traveling and sits on top for display. It includes teachers guidelines for discussion and student handouts. Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Clean Water Neighbor Grant.

The Zuni Community Project

THE PASSING OF ORAL TRADITIONS. 1995,  ZEE Recycling Center, Zuni, NM.  Two larger than life permanent outdoor sculptures. The theme, a grandmother dressed in traditional Zuni clothes in conversation with a young boy, symbolizes the passing of oral traditions. This concept is especially important in Zuni because their language is not written down. These sculptures were made with the help of about fifty Zuni Residents including ZEE clients, staff and community members.
The Passing of Oral Traditions was the first sculpture created during Project New Mexico. 1995.  The intention of this project was to bridge then hi-tech and low-tech worlds with adventure and art. Traveling 4,000 miles by bicycle through each county of the state of New Mexico with a laptop from Hewlett Packard and a web site hosted by New Mexico Institute of Technology, over 50 schools were visited with hopes of showing them how the internet worked and inviting them to follow the adventure. Unfortunately technology was not ready yet as most schools did not have computers with internet access at that time. On the up side, extended time was spent in four diverse communities creating art projects with and for those communities. Projects were made in:  Zuni, Cimarron, Roswell, and Deming. Funded by a grant from the NEA. Special project of the Tides Foundation.
Update: The Zee Recycling Center no longer exists. The Passing of Oral Traditions sculptures were moved to the Senior Center. Plans for new building in 2015-16 include restoration of damage to sculptures from the moving process and creation of a little girl to stand with the little boy.