The Making of Einstein

Holly Hughes, Artist

The sculpture of Einstein came to Socorro to celebrate the New Mexico State Science Fair.

Albert Einstein was born March 14th 1879 in Germany.  As a child, Albert was described as most backward; he learned to talk so late that his parents where quite upset about it.  Yet, as an adult, he became one of the most dynamic men in our history contributing fundamental concepts to mathematics, science and philosophy that have changed our world dramatically.

He chose to live a simple life, enjoying nature and music.  His final years where spent at Princeton, where he did not drive a car, but chose to ride a bicycle instead.


A closer look at Einstein
A closer look at Einstein

For this project 14 collection boxes where placed around town to gather pens, floppy disks, and tennis balls. The pictures here show the work of 67 community volunteers, ranging in age from kinder-gardeners to senior citizens, who helped create Einstein.

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