Art as Community

AIR EXHIBIT. 2010, Mid America Regional Counsel Kansas City (MARCKC).  Unique, air-themed art exhibition that breathes life into the intangible concept of "air." The exhibition raises awareness about the importance of healthy air and individual behaviors that can impact air quality — while challenging artists to incorporate air into their artwork. Participation by invitation.

Sculpture representing how much air each person needs to breath every day.

EAGLE DANCE PERFORMANCE and related student artwork.
Inspired by the Enviroscape: “Eaglets at Breakfast” visiting their school, students from Tolbert Academy spent several weeks discussing air and creating theme related art.  A group of special art students (grades 4-8) identified with eagles soaring, created costumes with wings and danced in the AIR HOUSE at the exhibit.

Sculpture of 340 paper hands. With each hand representing one breath, these 340 hands represent approximately 20 minutes of breathing. Hands were made by students in several different schools from elementary thru high school, and adult friends. Each hand had a unique environmental message conveyed with words or thru artistic design.

PowerPoint Presentation