Holly Hughes
Environmental ART Happenings
Energy ART Healing.

After graduating from Notre Dame de Sion high school, the Fred Conway Scholarship for Art gave me a solid art foundation at Washington University in St Louis, Mo. My passion for looking closer at the world around me to discover where things come from and how they work led to a degree in mechanical engineering with emphasis on biomechanics from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and the study of Product Design at the Kansas City Art Institute.

My great love of nature began as a volunteer with the International Civil Service, where I helped with avalanche protection in the French Alps. After graduating college I moved to live near mountains in Socorro New Mexico and became an artist in residence for the state. I founded and operated HOLLY HUGHES DESIGNS for 17 years. A foundation in outdoor signs and billboards led to murals and more. My focus was (and still is) community collaborations recycling and reusing materials in unique ways. I use art as a tool to unite people of all ages and abilities and to increase environmental awareness. In 1994 an NEA grant for PROJECT NEW MEXICO allowed me to consider the world as my studio. This 4000-mile bicycle adventure through each county of the state of NM included extended time spent in four diverse communities creating art projects from locally collected trash. Over 50 schools were visited, stories were documented and shared on the Internet on a website built and still hosted by New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology at www.nmt.edu/~bridge.  E.ART.H (Environmental ART Happenings) was created. It gained  Non-for Profit status thru the Tides Foundation in 1996.

After eight years of exploring earth and her people by bicycle and boat, I sailed to Iceland where I lived as an artist in residence from 2001-2004. 

Repeatedly witnessing how body mind spirit connections help us thrive led me home to my native country, the state of Missouri and back to school. After studying 3 years I graduated from the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing, Kansas City, MO with degrees in Wholistic Energy Healing and Massage Therapy.  E.ART.H (Environmental ART Happenings), has morphed into E.ART.H (Energy ART Healing). Instead of traveling to others, I invite virtual visits to my studio. I facilitate right brain retreats and workshops to inspire creativity and global compassion by raising awareness of the power of personal choices and their consequences. (www.holly-hughes.com)